HAIR Booster -1 BOTTLE

HAIR Booster -1 BOTTLE

HAIR Booster -1 BOTTLE

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Nature Facts Hair Booster is a complete solution for your hair. This combo is specifically designed not only to solve your hair problems but also retains its goodness for years to come. The 100% herbal formula helps to rejuvenate hair follicles and will definitely renascence your beautiful hair days. The nutrients of the herbs will give your hair a soft, silky and smooth texture. The beneficial property of Hair Booster nourishes the hair follicles and prevents hair fall and thinning apart from dry, dullness and dandruff.


Hair Booster Ingredient:

       Ashwagandha (200 mg) - It helps in increasing blood circulation to the scalp resulting in follicle stimulation which leads to more hair growth.

   Mandukaparni (100 mg) - it Increases hair volume, which is widely in treating hair loss and premature graying of hair and it nourishes the hair follicles.

       Bringraj (200 mg) - It also prevents scalp issues such as dandruff and irritation, ensuring that hair growth is unhindered.


       Brahmi (100 mg) - Can help promote the overall health of your hair making it longer and thicker, it reduce the number of split, it also nourishes the roots of the hair thus reducing the hair fall.

       Shankpushphi  (75 mg) - This herb is not only useful for shiny hair but it also helpful for reducing mental tension, helps in anxiety and treats depression.


        Amla (125 mg) - It nourishes, conditions, and adds amazing shine and texture to your hair, its high carotene and iron content. It prevents greying of hair, Amla is effective in treating dandruff, it nourishes your scalp and fixes itchy and flaky scalp as well.


Daily Doses


1 Tablet in morning time before breakfast with lukewarm water (30 min gap should be there).


1 Tablet in evening time before dinner with lukewarm water (30 min gap should be there).


Size: 1 Bottle - 60 Capsules (1 Month Supplement)


Disclaimer Policy :Our Products are certified by Government Authorities (ISO, GMP, FSSAI). Full Transparency Formula. The results may vary depending on your individual features but No any side effects, Its 100% Natural.

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