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Apple cider vinegar has long been used for its health benefits. It is made with apples that cut or crushed and combined with yeast to convert their sugar into alcohol. Then bacteria are added to ferment the alcohol into acetic acid. A low-calorie solution, apple cider contains potassium along with amino acids and antioxidants that promote health. Moreover, it has disinfecting properties that can kill toxins and harmful bacteria thriving in the body. In fact, some studies have attributed ACV as a potential weight loss drink. The health benefits of apple cider vinegar are aplenty. The acetic acid present in it is known to reduce belly fat and further suppress body fat build up. Here's how apple cider vinegar helps shed kilos and how you can use it in your weight Loss . We tell you about apple cider vinegar for weight loss. 


1. A low calorie drink

About 100 grams of apple cider vinegar has about 22 Calories, which means it makes for a low-calorie drink that can help boost weight loss. Adding a tablespoon of ACV into a glassful of water and drinking first thing in the morning may help burn belly fat.


2. Helps suppress fat accumulation

According to the study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, acetic acid, which is the main component of vinegar, was found to suppress fat accumulation in animal studies. The team of researchers also investigated the effects on obese Japanese in a double-blind trial. In conclusion, daily intake of apple cider vinegar might be useful in the prevention of metabolic syndrome by reducing obesity.

3. It helps you keep fuller for long

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that acetic acid present in ACV leaves you feeling fuller for longer, thereby, preventing you from overeating or cravings. This will help you eat fewer calories and lead to actual kilos lost on the scale.

4. Manages blood sugar levels

Apple cider vinegar helps stabilise blood sugar levels, especially after eating a meal high in carbohydrate. Stabilised blood sugar levels are important to ensure a healthy and effective weight loss.


● For losing weight

   One or two spoons of apple cider vinegar should be mixed with 200 ml of water or tea and consumed twice a day.

● For a sore throat or whitening the teeth

   Mix equal amount of Apple Cider Vinegar with warm water and gargle every hour

● For dandruff treatment 

   Mix equal amount of Apple Cider Vinegar with water and apply on the scalp. After this cover your head with a towel for 15 minutes to an hour. After this wash your head

● For relaxation from the tiredness or leg cramps

   Add 1 or 2 spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of vegetable soup or water and drink it



● It relieves a sore throat due to its antiseptic action

● Has antibacterial action so treats acne and pimples. It also maintains the optimum pH level of the skin

● Treats dandruff on applying it to the scalp

● Vinegar contains polyphenols which act as a good antioxidant. 

● Helps in digestion, diarrhea, and intestinal spasm

● Cures Hiccups

● Cures nasal infection and running nose

● It acts as energy booster

● It alleviates the problem of Varicose veins

● It just has 3 calories per tablespoon

● It is almost calorie free as there are only 3 calories per spoon


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